Bulk Beef

When purchasing a quarter, half or full beef, you are buying the “hanging weight”. This is industry standard to charge for the carcass hanging weight. Each carcass will vary in weight, but an estimate for a full carcass is 800 lbs. It is then aged (hung) for 21 days for optimal flavour and tenderness. Once trimmed and de-boned, you can expect to take home between 50-60% of the carcass weight, depending on how you choose to cut it. For 2018, we charge $4.75/lb for  quarters, halves and full beef. When you purchase a half or full beef, you will be emailed a cutting instruction sheet and your beef will be fully customizable to how you would like it cut and wrapped. A quarter will be our standard cuts and wrapping. If you have any more questions or you would like to place and order, please email or call us. We require a deposit of 20% on all bulk orders. Thank you for your interest in our ranch!