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"Honestly, the best ground beef I've ever cooked... 

Christine, Airdrie AB

Our Beef

"Our beef speaks for itself. Once you try it, 

we are sure you will love it! 

Satisfaction is always guaranteed.

-Kevin and Amy

All of our beef is from cattle born and raised on our ranch. Our family cares for them humanely and carefully, from birth until time of processing. Our animals spend the majority of their life on pasture. We have chosen to finish our animals on a ration of silage, straw and barley that was grown on our farm.  This enhances the marbling in the beef, and creates the flavour we desire. The Angus breed is known for genetics that create a nice, even amount of marbling throughout the meat. This provides a consistent texture, and flavour.

 We dry age our beef for 21 days. This method of aging is highly sought after as it enhances the concentration and saturation of natural flavours. The 21 days also allow for the beefs' natural enzymes to break down connective tissue in the muscle, which ultimately leads to more tender cuts of beef. 

We take our animals to a local processor that works closely with us to ensure our beef is handled and packaged the way we want it.  All our beef is provincially inspected and certified. It is wrapped in brown butcher paper, or vacuum sealed for certain cuts. Our pre-seasoned products are all vacuum sealed. We have a large walk-in freezer on our ranch that houses all our beef after we pick it up from our processor, therefore all our beef is frozen. This enables us to offer beef year round. 

We have a passion for our cattle and for the product we have created. We hope you choose to experience our beef and see that our products are of high quality and superb flavour!

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