Story behind us

Long-Run Ranch is located just minutes west of Crossfield Alberta, and is owned and operated by Kevin and Amy Taks and family. The ranch is a 3rd generation ranch and grain operation. We have great pride in our herd and raise all our own replacement heifers. Our herd consists of 400 females which are primarily Red Angus/Simmental . Cows calve in April/May at the ranch, and are typically taken to pasture by the end of May. We have a love for horses and the huge asset they are for cattle handling. Our horses come from ranch horse pedigrees that have a keen eye for cattle. The use of horses aid in our low-stress cattle handling. We work closely with Veterinary Agri-Health Services and their fabulous team for all our herd health. The pastures are all located within 40 minutes of the ranch and provide a blend of tame and native grasses. The pastures are grazed using rotational grazing methods to preserve the grasses and water sources. Solar water pumps and fences around dugouts and springs help keep the water pure and free of contaminants.

We have 3 children that are our pride and joy and are very active with us day to day, and are learning the ways of ranch life. They also love to play hockey and are part of our local 4-H beef club. 

 We love the ranch life, it is how we were raised and how we always wanted to raise our children. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for our daily adventures!