Frequently Asked Questions

How is Long-Run Ranch beef raised?

All of our beef is from animals that are born and raised on our ranch. Our family cares for them humanely and carefully, from birth until time of processing. Like most beef in Alberta, our beef is pasture raised.  It is also given a ration of silage, barley and straw prior to processing to achieve the marbling and taste we absolutely love in our beef. 


How is Long-Run Ranch beef processed?

We dry age  all our beef for 21 days minimum. This method of aging is highly sought after as it enhances the concentration and saturation of natural flavours. The 21 days also allow for the beefs' natural enzymes to break down connective tissue in the muscle, which ultimately leads to more tender cuts of beef.

We take our animals to a local processor that works closely with us to ensure our beef is handled and packaged the way we want it. All our beef is provincially inspected and certified. It is wrapped in brown butcher paper, or vacuum sealed for certain cuts.  We have a large walk-in freezer on our ranch that houses all our beef after we pick it up from our processor, therefore all our beef is frozen. This enables us to offer beef year round.


How do I purchase a whole or half animal (bulk beef)?

When purchasing a quarter, half or full beef, you are buying the “hanging weight”. This is industry standard to charge for the carcass hanging weight. Each carcass will vary in weight, but an estimate for a full carcass is 800 lbs. It is then aged (hung) for 21 days for optimal flavour and tenderness. Once trimmed and de-boned, you can expect to take home between 50-60% of the carcass weight, depending on how you choose to cut it. We charge $7.00/lb for quarters, halves and full beef. When you purchase a half or full beef, you will be emailed a cutting instruction sheet and your beef will be fully customizable to how you would like it cut and wrapped. A quarter will be our standard cuts and wrapping. If you have any more questions or you would like to place and order, please email or call us or head to the shop page to place your order!


How do I get my beef?

We offer delivery or pickup, you can select your preferred method at checkout.  However, just because you do not reside in this area does not mean we aren’t willing to work something out. If you happen to know someone close to, or know you will be passing through one of these places, please contact us and inquire, as we may just be able to coordinate a meet up.  Please see Delivery page for more info.


Do you ever offer discounts?

Yes, we do! All sales and pop up discounts are posted on our social media pages and to our email list , please follow us on Instagram and Facebook to be sure you don't miss out on these.